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“Dan Schlossberg’s book has had a fabulous longevity that has earned the admiration of all his baseball-writing comrades, especially this one. .. This book is a great big bag of peanuts – reach in anywhere and you’ll come up with something good. And there are Cracker Jack nuggets too, for even the most knowledgeable fan – things you didn’t know before or had never grasped in quite the same way as Dan presents them…. Of The New Baseball Bible, it may rightly be said that it is “a book for fans from eight to eighty.” I am nearer to eighty than to eight, but I still have much to learn from baseball … and from Dan Schlossberg, its great chronicler.”

— John Thorn, an author himself, is the official historian of Major League Baseball

“By enjoying The New Baseball Bible, we all benefit from baseball’s past and yearn for what might be in our game’s future. What records might be broken, by whom, and when? It’s great fodder for great conversation for the best fans in the world: Baseball fans! No matter what team is your favorite, this “Bible” is for you and me and every baseball enthusiast everywhere!”

–Al Clark, Major League Umpire, 1976-2001