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How Playoff Broadcasts Hurt Baseball

Major League Baseball, desperate to lure young fans in its battle for sports entertainment dollars, keeps shooting itself in the foot. Playoff games start too late, last too long, and almost certainly lose the two-thirds of the American population that lives in the eastern United States. With endless blocks of commercial time, coupled with frequentContinue reading “How Playoff Broadcasts Hurt Baseball”

Dan’s First Half-Century

Dan Schlossberg of Fair Lawn, NJ is the only American journalist who covers baseball and travel exclusively. The author of 40 baseball books, he is also the founder of the North American Travel Journalists Association [NATJA] and TRAVEL ITCH RADIO, a popular weekly podcast with a live 30-minute interview format. He also launched the baseballContinue reading “Dan’s First Half-Century”

About Me

Former AP newsman Dan Schlossberg, a lifelong resident of Northern New Jersey, is one of the country’s premier baseball experts and is the only U.S. journalist who covers travel and baseball exclusively.  Dan boasts a 50-year journalism career that spans the gamut from broadcast analyst and commentator, to writer, author, and entrepreneur.  He has won awards for writing, editing, graphic design, and public service from the Garden State Journalists Association), the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Dan is author of 40 baseball books, founder and president emeritus of NATJA, and co-host/executive producer of the weekly TRAVEL ITCH RADIO show.

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