Baseball Gold: Mining Nuggets from Our National Pastime

Baseball Gold: Mining Nuggets from Our National Pastime (2007)

by Dan Schlossberg  (Author), Brooks Robinson (Foreword)

Even the most ardent baseball fan will be amazed at the quirks, quips, and comments in Baseball Gold. Consisting entirely of bits and pieces of baseball’s offbeat history, this volume covers teams and a myriad of players, owners, managers, and broadcasters—from their exploits on the field to those behind clubhouse doors. It can even be picked up in the middle and read backward—one nugget at a time.

Trivia buffs and casual fans alike will marvel at the nuggets found in Baseball Gold, the first book of its kind to uncover some of the quirkiest factoids about our national pastime. Who, for instance, would have guessed that the only other players besides Hank Aaron and Chipper Jones to homer for the Braves more than 15 seasons in a row was pitcher Warren Spahn? Or that Hideo Nomo once gave up a home run after leaving a game? Baseball Gold will make a believer out of you and in the process take you on a magical tour of the game’s unusual history. As Joaquin Andujar once said when asked for a one-word description of baseball, you never know…now you do.