Travel Itch Radio

Join Dan Schlossberg and co-host Maryellen Nugent Lee, renowned NYC publicist, for the 11th Season of Travel Itch Radio every Thursday from 8:00-8:30 p.m. ET.

Call in to speak with the hosts:  (914) 338-0314

NEXT UP ON TRAVEL ITCH: Join Dan and Maryellen as they travel to San Antonio, Texas this Thursday, 1/20 at 8pm ET. The perfect mix of old and new, San Antonio is blossoming into a major travel destination for Spring 2022 and beyond. Tune in to hear all about The Alamo, River Walk, L’Etape 2022, Hill Country, the Briscoe Western Arts Museum, and a myriad indoor and outdoor attractions, as well as best places to eat and stay. Listen live on iTunes or

2022 Travel Itch Radio Shows 

01-27-22 Elin Duggan, Visit Sarasota County

02-03-22 Richard Nixon Presidential Library (50 years since China visit)

02-10-22 Travis Currie, Atlanta, GA

02-17-22 Maryland (tentative)

02-24-22 Sarah Morenthau, Dep. Asst. Sec. for Travel & Tourism, US Dept. of Comm.

03-02-22 Keith Salwoski, The Las Vegas Venetian

03-09-22 Alicia M. Quinn, Discover Lehigh Valley

03-16-22 Julie Ellis, Visit Myrtle Beach

03-23-22 Ali Morris, Visit Fairfax (Virginia)

03-30-22 Dee Dee Poteete, Director of Regional Communications, Visit San Antonio

2022 Travel Itch Radio (Season #11)

Podcast DateClick to ListenTravel Itch Radio Guest
01-20“San Antonio, TX”
01-13Julie Holmen, VP-Membership Engagement, Destinations International
01-06JoNell Modys, Senior Executive of Marketing and Communication, Visit Lauderdale, “Cruise News”

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3 thoughts on “Travel Itch Radio

  1. Hi, Dan and Mary Ellen. Just listened to your talk with Linda Ballou. I have read Linda’s book about Isabella Bird and she has read my horse memoir At Home on a Horse in the Woods. My horse travels have been more inward than Linda’s: the latest one in the same state forest on the same horse for 21 years. My 2nd book is about the horse-related craft of braiding horsehair jewelry which allows me to hear wonderful tales about the owners who order jewelry from the tail hair of the horses they love. The covers and links to both my books are on my website: I am listed on LinkedIn but frankly don’t know how to navigate it. Not sure of my books fit into your blog concept, but if they do, I’d love to hear back from you. Regards, Jan(et) W. Alexander


  2. I can’t believe travel itch radio is still going strong; it has come to me as such a significant surprise. I’ve been listening to it for years now and have been a big fan. I wish them the best of luck!


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