-- Tom Bartsch, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Collectors Digest

"Long-time SCD columnist Dan Schlossberg combines his passion for Braves
baseball with his historian expertise to provide a first-class look at the amazing run of
Atlanta title teams."
-- Doug Lyons, Author of 100 years of Who's Who in Baseball

"Dan Schlossberg has hit a grand slam!  This is a fascinating, informative, and funny
look at 14 great Atlanta Braves teams."
-- Jay Smith, President, Sports Travel and Tours

"When it comes to knowledge of the Braves, there is only one sports-writer to go
to and it's Dan Schlossberg.  He's a real Atlanta Braves guru
-- Bob Ibach, Author, Sportscaster, and Former Chicago Cubs PR Director

"I've covered or been with an MLB team for more than 40 years and Atlanta's
dominance during that 14-year run was a special time in the game.  Dan Schlossberg,
as usual, has painted that picture so well in his book.  It's a must-read."
-- Al Clark, Major League Umpire (1976-2001)

"Like DiMaggio and Monroe, Ripken and The Streak, Aaron and Home Runs,
it's Schlossberg and the Braves, a match and marriage never to be
separated.  Read it, love it, and enjoy the true passion of the author."
-- Steve Borelli, Senior Editor, USA TODAY Sports Weekly

"Dan Schlossberg puts his Hall of Fame Rolodex and encyclopedic
baseball mind to work in profiles and chapters that move briskly and
capture the essence of what it tasks to be a winner."
When The Braves Ruled The Diamond: Fourteen Flags Over Atlanta  Dan
Schlossberg, Foreword by Bobby Cox (Published 2016-Skyhourse Publishing).
-- John Schuerholz, President, Atlanta Braves

"Dan Schlossberg has written about a topic that is quite near and dear to
my heart.  Serving as the Braves general manager during our remarkable,
historic run of consistent success through the 1990s and into the early
2000s was a tremendous personal thrill for me and a source of pride for
everyone in the organization.  That decade and a half of exciting,
successful, championship caliber baseball created a joyful time
throughout Braves Country."
-- Barry M. Bloom, MLB.com National Reporter and Columnist

"The years 1991 to 2005 are the greatest in Atlanta Braves history,
climaxing in 1995 with a win over the Indians in a six-game World Series.  
Dan Schlossberg chronicles those years with grace and uplomb, telling the
stories through the eyes of Cox, Mad Dog, Smoltz, Chipper, and Glavine.  
Should the Braves have won more?  You be the judge.  Well done!"
-- Carolyn Serra, Director, Braves Museum & Hall of Fame/Turner Field Tours

"Glad there's now a book that focuses specifically on this special and significant
part of Braves history."
-- John Thorn, Official Historian, Major League Baseball

"How can a team that won year after year be underrated?  That's the
strange story of the Atlanta Braves dynasty.  Dan Schlossberg, who knows
more about the club than anyone, tells that story splendidly."