Designated Hebrew: The Ron
Blomberg Story (2006)

By Dan Schlossberg, Foreword-Marty Appel

Ron Blomberg is viewed as a trailblazer: in
addition to being the first designated hitter in the
history of major league baseball.   An accident of
fate? He was also the first significant Jewish
Yankee.  The only lantzman who preceded
Blomberg to the Bronx hid behind the pseudonym
of Jimmie Reese.  Blomberg didn't believe in
hiding, either from pitchers with overpowering
fastballs or the baseball fans of New York.   A
witness to cross burnings and synagogue
bombings in his youth, Blomberg felt relieved
when New York's large Jewish population
embraced him.   He loved people almost as much
as he loved to eat.   And so, he wore his religion
on his sleeve.  Ron Blomberg's story is more than
a baseball tale, and more than a religious tale. It's
the story of a Designated Hebrew - and there is
no other tale quite like it.
Dan Schlossberg interview
with John Vorperian, host of
"Beyond The Game"
Part 1
Part 2