Baseball Bits: Little-Known Stories, Facts,
and Trivia from the Dugout to the Outfield

By Dan Schlossberg

Everything fans want to know about the Great American Pastime… Written
and compiled by baseball expert Dan Schlossberg, this book is chock-full
of the best trivia, information, and fun facts about the game. Featuring
with players, managers, and other baseball professionals, as well as
never-before-told stories, Baseball Bits is sure to hit a home run with just
about anyone who’s interested in the game.

But that’s not all, because beyond the stories and trivia, the die-hard fan
also wants the most recent information that affects this season. Inside
each book is a password that lets readers log onto a website for up-to-the-
minute information only available there. The site is guaranteed to be
updated at least once a month—more frequently during the season—to
provide readers with everything they need to know about the current
season, including:

* The latest trades, and how they’ll affect particular Teams
* The best players’ current stats
* Who is about to break major records